Bait & Switch

So for those of you that do not know, I’ve been struggling with my weight over the last few years. In order to lose weight I’ve been pretty much trying anything.  It was pretty demoralizing when I was running three times a week and not really losing any weight.  At the same time I also have some sleeping issues.  I’ll lay in bed for hours staring at the wall sometimes unable to go to sleep.   So, when I found an app on iTunes for free in the Medical section that was a Weight Loss hypnotism app that would also help you get a restful night sleep, I figured I would give it a shot.

It actually ended up being an awesome little app. When I would put it on at night to go to sleep it would get me into a rested sleeping state almost immediately. I would wake up the next morning feeling rested and I was losing weight. Although, I attribute the weight loss to counting calories using, not the hypnotism app. But it was a cool thing and I was glad I was using it.  Then there was an update, so I went ahead and installed it!

I went to use this last night and noticed some of the menus/choices had changed, no big deal. I looked into my new choices and picked the “progressive light” version which takes longer but does checks to make sure you are in a hypnotized/sleep state before continuing. I noticed that things were a little different this go around. There was more talk about relaxing for each individual body part, it seemed to be more detailed, cool. I started drifting off into sleepy time, when I heard…

“Let yourself be embraced by God’s light”


I shot up to a fully awake state immediately. I thought maybe I was just being a weirdo and hearing things. But no… there it was. After the latest update for this app it became a completely religious hypnotism application! Sure there was some weight loss stuff still in there, but the bulk of it was about God’s saving and graceful light, etc. etc. What the fuck?! There was no notice in the update that this app was changing from a completely secular app to one that endorsed a specific God. I checked the reviews for the app to make sure I wasn’t going insane, and there it was. Other people were having the same experience.

weightlossFunny how nothing in here says “GOD” or anything.

As a happy little non-believer I was pretty pissed off. Sure, this is a free service but I had used it for MONTHS. I was trusting this app to hypnotize me into not wanting French Fries. I screened it for content the first time I downloaded it and was ok with the subliminal messaging it was using. And then, unbeknownst to me, the new update couched towards the middle-end of the program all this religious garbage. If I hadn’t caught it and just ended up listening to this night after night I don’t know what might have happened. Luckily my atheist brain block triggered to alert my system to wake the fuck up and check this out.

I probably should have googled this guy before trying out this app, that’s on me.  After googling I see that everything about him talks about his Christianity and his Christian Weight Loss program, which is actually labeled appropriately.  He should also label his iPhone apps accordingly.  Now I need to find someone else with a monotone and droll voice that will help me to go to sleep every night.

P.S. I’ve lost 18 pounds so far!!

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  • Nicholas Enna

    As someone deeply interested in hypnotism and meditative states of mind, I’ve come across the phenomenon a lot of times. It is funny how something they’re so sure they are right about allows them to sneak it into everything. It’s especially annoying when it gets dropped into the middle of a hypnotism program which is designed to introduce thoughts subliminally. If this person thinks its innocent, then I wonder how they would respond if given an hypnotic session that asked him to “be embraced by Allah’s light” or Buddha’s or Vishnu, or Artemis’ holy light? Probably not very well. 
    Anyway, good job in using hypnosis successfully, it really is a useful, misunderstood tool.

    • Quelyn

      Yeah the whole thing was very deceptive, and I felt pretty violated hearing that.  My subconscious was pissed!  I’m going to be a little wary to use any other free tools out there for now though.  Perhaps I should just listen to Larry King before bed..

  • Micah Cuevas

    Goddamned theists.

  • Dschur2

    Thanks for the heads up!!! I would have been up and steaming if that happened to me!!!
    PS I don’t know if I told you but I have joined the loseit club!! Only a few days in but I think I am liking it. Thanks for the tip!

  • Diane Dutton Schur

    I would have been pissed too!! They have a lot of nerve trying to cram their beliefs into your head!!
    PS Thanx for the loseit tip!! Started stew days ago and I feel like its very do


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