Rebirth of Mothra – Blu-ray Release


Hey, remember our old friend Mothra  (モスラ)?  If you’re a Godzilla (ゴジラ) fan, you likely remember Mothra from this epic battle with super metal flame-wings Battra (バトラ).  If you’re anything like me, you’re a huge fan of Mothra.  I mean… she sprinkles friendship glitter on her foes and barrages them with lightning attacks to bend them towards her furry, loving will.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Well!  On September 9th, 2014 they released the Blu-ray version of “Rebirth of Mothra I/II/III” which has been remastered!  Of course I got it and just viewed it today with my friends!

Rebirth_of_MothraAfter the events in Godzilla vs. Mothra (ゴジラvsモスラ) it’s understandable that Mothra needed to take a nice long rest.  I mean, it takes a lot of energy to save the world and protect mankind, especially when it’s against Godzilla AND Battra.  Mothra enjoys some well deserved rest after laying her egg.  Meanwhile Mr. Goto, one of our obligatory human characters,  is running his construction company while destroying the earth and its’ ecosystem.  In order to highlight this, one of the first scenes you see is a construction vehicle running over a nest of bird eggs!!!  This theme of humans vs. nature is present in many of the Toho movies, and especially pertains to Mothra as she is a guardian of the earth.  Well, as Mr. Goto is going about his business, he finds what looks to be a medallion in the mountainside and does what anyone would do…. he removes it from the stone and gives it to his daughter as a necklace.  Of course!  Well, little did he know that removing this medallion would break the seal holding Desghidora (Death-Ghidora デスギドラ) in his earthly prison!  Clearly, this is a job for Mothra to once again save humanity from itself.

The original movie was released in 1996, but has since been remastered for this Blu-ray release, and it is beautiful.  I am a sucker for practical effects, and you can see that this film threw in a little bit of CGI, but mostly used puppetry and tactile Kaiju, so it looks amazing.  This is the first time I am watching this movie, and honestly it was better than I thought it would be!  The overall pacing of the story moved along at a fast clip.  We had some human story, but not too much.  The twins were awesome, as always, and in this film we’re introduced to a mysterious new member of the same race, Belvera.

The Blu-ray itself doesn’t come with anything in the way of features as it just has the original trailer.  This is to be expected for some of the older releases anyhow.  The main attraction of this set is the great remastered quality.  There are both English and Japanese audio and subtitles.  I recommend using the ‘English 2’ subtitle track as the first track had a black text background and moved around a bunch.  The second track was the much more standard subtitle track.  So overall, if you’re a Mothra fan this Blu-ray is worth the buy, you can get it here:  Rebirth of Mothra / Rebirth of Mothra II / Rebirth of Mothra III – Vol [Blu-ray]

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I love Kevin Smith for many reasons.  He’s a compelling speaker, seems like an awesome Dad and husband, is from New Jersey, etc.  I’ve grown up watching, relating to, and laughing at his movies.  So, when he announced his retirement from making movies, it made me sad.  Not too sad though since I still had Comic Book Men, Smodcast, and live performances during which I could enjoy all that Kevin Smith shares with us.   So, when Kevin Smith started talking about this ridiculous idea for a movie, a horror movie, based on a man obsessed with Walrus’ it was an exciting time.  Despite getting out of the movie business, Smith knew that no one would ever make this movie.  He knew that if it was going to happen, he would have to do it himself.  So here it was, hope that shortly after his departure from film, he would be coming back to give us a movie that could only come from the depths of his own brain.

So, I went to see Tusk last night for its opening.  This movie delivered exactly what was promised, as highlighted by podcast audio in the end-credits of Kevin Smith brainstorming how Tusk would end.  If you go into this movie expecting your run-of-the-mill standard horror movie, you will be disappointed.  This is an absurd comedy horror, and should be viewed as such.

The shining star in this film was Michael Parks.  This is considering Johnny Depp’s awesomely obscured performance.  Parks engenders this charisma that makes you like him even when he’s being the largest creeper on the planet.  Few can master this like him.  The movie is worth seeing for his performance alone.  That being said, the rest of the cast was strong as well.  There was a bit of a conflict in my mind as I wanted to laugh at how ridiculous it all was, but the cast did not miss a beat.  The acting was taken seriously and performances delivered were great.

I would definitely recommend watching the movie.  It could quite easily be enjoyed at home, as the visual effects are not the main focus.  However, if you’re looking for a movie to check out this weekend and just have some fun with, Tusk is a great choice.

Erno Laszlo – Sea Mud Exfoliating Mask

I’ve never really been much for having any sort of beauty ritual or regime.  For the majority of my life I never wore any makeup whatsoever, moisturized, or cared about my skin.  Heck, there was a time when I washed my face with Irish Spring bar soap, for shame!  But lately I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin and I’ve gotten a little more into having a better skin care system in general.  So, I was looking around for an exfoliating facial mask.  I’ve tried masks before, but I’ve never seen any difference in my skin after using them.  I just like the concept because I pretend I am in Apocalypse Now putting on some war paint.  So, I looked up some recommendation sites and decided on trying the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Exfoliating Mask.

Now, I don’t really have major skin issues.  My skin is slightly uneven and pinkish in spots and it gets slightly oily at times.  I do have breakouts occasionally though and I would like to head those off at the pass.  But lately I’ve been wearing foundation on a more regular basis to even out my tone, and I have noticed my skin is taking a little bit of a toll as a result.    This is the second time I have used this mask, and both times I’ve been able to actually see and feel the difference it has made upon my skin.  Here’s what the mask looks like when put on:



Only a thin layer is needed of the product to cover your whole face, and I think I am a little more liberal with it than you need to be.  The recommended time to leave the mask on is 10 minutes and that’s what I have done here.  You can certainly feel the mask tightening on your face while it is drying, which I am a weirdo and actually really enjoy that sensation.




You can really see the work it is doing on my pores pulling the oil out of them.  This is only one week after my last use, so it’s effective upon continued use so far.  The mask is not harsh at all.  You can feel it tightening as it dries, but there is no irritation for me.  After 10 minutes it is completely dry and time to rinse off.  It’s a little messy/harder to rinse off than some other masks I’ve used, but it comes off fairly easily.  Once I completely rinse it from my skin it immediately feels very smooth and clean.  I love the way my skin feels right after doing this mask.  Personally I make sure to do this at night though as I do not want to put makeup immediately over such fresh clean skin and clog anything up.


My skin is a little dry, as you can see, after the mask.  However, this was not made any worse by the product itself.  At the time I was in New Jersey and it was very cold, so I was suffering from some dry skin to begin with.



And here is the “final product”.  My skin was smooth and clean looking with not a lot of oil to speak of.  I definitely really like this mask as I have seen results from it where others I don’t really notice a difference after use.  I just wish I had a better camera, but in a pinch the iPhone will do!

P.S. Sick pajamas, right?