San Diego Comic Con 2015 Exclusives!

Well, the official Comic Con Exclusives page is up, and I’ve perused it in full.  There are a good mix of exclusives, and I believe some have yet to be announced.  Considering Comic Con is in 2 weeks, I wish they would hurry up!  Here are some of the exclusives I am most interested in!

Bandai America Incorporated

Booth # 3535

Background_Dino Charger Set
Limited Edition Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dino Charger Power Pack – $30.00These Power Packs from Power Rangers Dino Charge are the new equivalents to the Ranger Keys from Power Rangers Super Megaforce (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger).  The Ranger Keys were miniature figurines of the characters and gave you the opportunity to get a manageable collection of every Power Rangers / Super Sentai team.   Considering there have been 22 seasons of Power Rangers and 39 Super Sentai teams, that’s quite a large collection.These power packs aren’t quite as appealing as the ranger keys, but it is a nice set that includes the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team, and these will be exclusive in America, especially considering the white ranger is not part of the Sentai equivalent Zyuranger.


Booth # 140

X-Plus Gigantic Series Super Saiyan Goku (SDCC Variant) – $65.00I’m not really into the super large shogun type figures, but having a gigantic Goku sounds a little appealing.  I used to have a 12″ Goku figure that I ended up selling at a Flea Market.  I sold it because I thought “Oh, I am growing up, I should probably sell my toys”.  What a dumb idea.  I have regretted it ever since.  That’s a major reason I am such a packrat.  Most people say “Just get rid of it, you won’t even remember you had it!”  But I regret almost everything I ever get rid of.  R.i.P 12″ Goku!I especially love the translucent hair, that gets me every time.  But what is going on with the crotch folds on that pants fabric?  That’s a bit Georgia O’Keefe by my estimation.  I think I am going to pass on this one, but it’s tempting all the same.


Bluefin-Tamashii Nations

Booth # 3545

SHF 孫悟空-亀仙流胴着Ver.- (SDCC) Small
S.H. Figuarts Goku Frieza Saga Ver. – $45.00Thar’ she blows!  This is the exclusive I am the most excited about so far, and I am definitely going to get this one.  I already have three S.H. Figuarts Goku figures, but there’s always room for more!  I prefer this version with his proper training symbols and the yellow striped boots.  Now I will make my other non-saiyan Goku be my “goofball” posed figure!  I typically like putting my figures in funny poses, but then I feel like it’s wasting their goodness and revert back to action poses.  So this time, with multiple Goku to work with, I may just be able to make my “Super happy DBZ funtime” scene. :)Now, this is the only exclusive listed for Bluefin, and I’m fairly certain their other one will be Sailor Moon related.  So that means I am at least getting both of those!

Famous Monsters of Filmland

Booth # 1507

Famous Monsters 281 Godzilla v. Ghidrah Shirt by Bob Eggleton – $20.00I’m on the fence with this one.  I have two Famous Monsters shirts now.  Mothra vs. Godzilla and a special exclusive Godzilla, Ultraman and  Kikaida.  In theory I love King Ghidorah, though I like Mecha-King Ghidorah a bit more.  This shirt is definitely more of a Ghidorah shirt than a Godzilla one, and there is a lot of empty space up in the sky.  But it has some charm.Chances are I will probably pick it up though.  I have a lot of duplicate shirts with friends, and it will be nice to have something that not everyone else has 🙂


Squid Kids Ink
Booth # 5051

Ninja Girls with UDON Noodles – $20.00I don’t know if you’ve seen these little blind-box figures, but they are super cute.  They are anthropomorphic Nintendo cartridges with parody art of random game titles.  This one is clearly a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I have two of these so far and they’re cool little desk figurines.  My buddy Jeff got me onto these things, and I will definitely be getting one of these this year!

UCC Distributing Inc.
Booth # 700

Funko Pop Dragonball Z Chrome Metallic Vegeta – $14.99I am more on the fence about this purchase than I realistically should be.  I mean, everyone loves Funko Pop’s right?  And collecting them is the whole point, right?  I already have regular Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, Cell, and the Entertainment Earth exclusive Goku.  While the metallic might look cool, I don’t know where I would put it,and I just kind of feel like I don’t need it.That being said, I may do what I do every year and be like OMG EXCLUSIVE I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED THIS and buy 3 just in case.

DragonballZPopCCI15 Ex2.0Sticker

VIZ Media
Booth # 2813

Exclusive Manga Replica: Dragon Ball – $150.00This year is a very very Dragon Ball year.  I mean, look at all these exclusives.  The new movie will be in theaters in August in America.  Dragon Ball Super is going to be a thing.  And here we have some Manga Replica’s.  It’s a dream com true for a DB fan girl!  I guess I am definite…wait…what???

$150.00?  For a replica?  Seriously?  I don’t know if this is a misprint or not, but that seems pretty high to me.  I might skip this one after all.  🙁 If only there were some affordable Manga replica prints of a series that I really loved…


Exclusive Manga Replica: Naruto – $15.00OH HELLO NARUTO!   Naruto is a natural thing to love if you love Dragon Ball.  It’s so clear that Kishimoto Masashi-san  is a huge fan of Toriyama Akira-san’s work.  These are my two favorite anime of all time.  Goku was a great character in Dragon Ball, but as Z progressed he lost a bit of what made him great.  On the flip side, Naruto’s heart is what carries the show.  The titular character might be one of my favorite characters of all time.  You root for him without fail, and his determination is inspiring.  So yeah, this one is definitely going up on my wall!


And look!  In the course of writing this blog update Bluefin announces their other Comic-Con exclusive!  Well, technically it’s the first bad-guy figure for the Sailor Moon series.  And I am collecting all the rest.  So, looks like I will

And now to reveal our other Tamashii Nations #SDCC2015 exclusive – S.H. Figuarts Impostor #SailorMoon!Look out Tuxedo…

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What exclusives are you looking forward to?

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