Attack on Titan, Figma, Photoshoot!

Lately I have been trying to step up my game as far as photographing action figures.  I’m starting to work on more figure review for my friends over at CollectionDX!  They already have some pretty awesome reviews of the Attack on Titan Figma series that you can check out!  So I just wanted to have some fun and take some cool pictures since I was unboxing them for my shelf anyway.  Something interesting happened though.  I opened my Eren Yaeger figure last, and thought things seemed weird with the packaging.  Welp, turns out I got a SUPER OBVIOUS BOOTLEG figure.  Fortunately, despite being outside of the return window, Amazon took care of me and issued a refund.  With that in mind, I ordered myself a new Eren, that will hopefully be an official product.  Once that happens I am going to do a side by side comparison of the official release vs. the bootleg.  For now though, here are some photos!

I am currently using felt for my background, photo lighting, and my iPhone 5s.  Still on the fence about whether or not I need a new camera.

One thing I wanted to note, however, was that these figures are super detailed and come with a lot of options.  Because of this, they are a bit hard to pose.  Getting the stand attached with the cape on proved a bit difficult to me.  And I ended up rubbing off some of the jacket on my Levi.  I don’t know how much of this was my fault, and how much is the bad design, but it’s a bit of a bummer.


Has anyone else had this kind of experience with their figma’s?


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