Girl Power… *puke*


For centuries women have been subjugated for various reasons. In Middle Eastern Countries women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe so as not to disgrace their mate. Women & their children work in sweatshops for various large American companies making slave wages. But women in America have spearheaded a movement for equality, for justice, and for what is important. I would like to say thank you to all the American women who have stuck to the real issues. There’s no time for real tragedy, we have to stand up on our own imperialistic legs and focus our energy on what matters. Women now have the right to not shave their pits & still be popular folk singers. Women now have the right to hang with the guys, we can burp & fart in public and people might laugh. But … the most important of all:

Women can now frag your face and brag about it!

Thank you women of the world for letting us know that you can wear pink QT T-shirts while playing video games. Thank you, blog nation, for letting us know about the hardships you face every day playing video games and dealing with your gender role in society. Please, tell me more about how you beat a boy once & he was sad that he got beat by a girl. Oh, oh, tell me the story again about how you impressed and wowed your boyfriend by kicking his ass in MarioKart. But seriously, do a web search for “Girl Gamers”. I will give you enough time to look at a few sites & bang your head on the desk.

brookelynThe worst offender to me is the boy band of the gaming community known as “Frag Dolls”. These girls were hired by Ubisoft to be the face of “Girl Gaming” and get more interest in their games I suppose. So, it’s admitted that this is a manufactured team, paid to keep up a certain image, to cater to fanboy service and try to get more people into gaming. Oh, that’s fantastic. Let’s take a look at my favorite one, Brookelyn! She has an “About Me” section up on the site, pictured left and edited to highlight the important parts. Let’s start at the top.

Bejeweled 2? Jewel Quest? Really? You’re getting paid by a gaming company to be a girl gamer and you’re playing the same things that everyone’s mom plays while waiting during the commercials for their stories to come back on? I mean, good for you, you play First Person Shooters. But c’mon seriously? And really? Your favorite quote is one that is uttered by 12 year old boys when their friend gets beat in a video game by their older sister? Glorious! Please, represent me more. I am going to tell you something Brookelyn, you’ve got a few things wrong here. Cosmo is considered a Magazine, and listing it in your Favorite Books to remind us that you “LOL LOVE BEING A GURL” isn’t completely necessary. We got it. I mean, next you’re going to say that your favorite color is pink.. shit. Well, at least you’re modest.

As a girl, who happens to play video games, I suppose you could call me jealous. But mostly I’m just annoyed. I mean, I’m not getting any enjoyment out of cutsie text and winks thrown in my direction asking for favors because this wo-man has conquered evolution somehow. I suppose if there were more hot dewds with six packs being the poster-children for gamer dudes asking me to run them through deadmines I wouldn’t mind so much.

But seriously. I would hope that no one really cares who it is behind the keyboard in the video game they are playing. Getting beat is frustrating, but I’m not crying more if it is a boy. Video games are a medium for entertainment & fun, not some socio-political agenda where normal attractive girls in cropped T-Shirts get to set some sort of standard for everyone else. I’m glad you like video games, and I wish you all the best. But join some real gaming communities & stop bragging because you somehow managed to overcome the burden of having breasts & working an X-Box controller at the same time.

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    1. Oh wow! I wrote this in 2007, and I sound so salty about it ^_^ Looking back I can see that there was some value in having more women visible in the gaming sphere.

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