What is wrong with my brain, seriously?

Random dream time.  There was this store, it was a sporting good store.  For no reason I wanted to break into it & sleep in a display bed setup on a loft overnight.   I researched and saw reviews that some slacker guy was hardly ever there.  I got a hold of keys somehow, broke in, and slept overnight.  I didn’t steal or ruin anything.  My friend Lou was there the next day when I was leaving.  At this point I realized that I was pretending to be a guy as a clever disguise I suppose.  So Lou said “Let’s pretend to be a gay because this company is really homophobic”.  So that meant we just kind of ran around outside saying “We’re gay, and you guys are jerks”.

Fast forward to years later.  I was at a luncheon  then there was a news story about it where the reporter was talking about it like it was a grave crime.  “Two political activists  broke into a Champion Select Sports Store using the facilities over night.  They continued to display their affection for one another in a homosexual way.  This was all very disturbing to store owner so & so”.  So, fast forward.  I had done this, and now I’m at some work function that’s hosted at Champion Select Sports Store.  My co-workers were there which included real co-workers and fake ones.  John Krasinski and Miguel Ferrer were there.  Miguel was asking me to tell him what I know, and that if I didn’t he was going to blow the whistle on the whole thing.

It was very serious business.  I woke up very confused about whether I had broken into this place and nervous someone would find out & arrest me.

The Price of Freedom

“We don’t think that depictions of the prophets are freedom of expression. We think it is an offense against our rights,” he said, adding, “The West has to understand the ideology of the people.”[source]

Unfortunately this will never happen. America’s freedoms allow us to be as degenerate and hateful as we want. We celebrate free speech in this country by defending the rights of politicians and business owners to openly speak on their disgust of gay people, for example. Gay people in America have to sit there and listen to it, they also have to know there’s nothing they can do to stop the rhetoric.

We are being represented by the worst of our society. Those who are full of hate and prejudice that take it upon themselves to insult the prophet of those in another country. Many of those with hateful things to say believe in their own version of said prophet and believe their “truth” is at odds with another culture’s “truth”. We have two groups of people who believe they are speaking in facts, and this isn’t being treated as a difference of opinion.

What they need to understand is that we also make fun of Christianity here in America. We make fun of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, etc. Fun/Comedy/Commentary are made at the expense of beliefs that people truly hold dear.

We’re global now though. The things we do and say as Americans are heard all over the globe. Do I defend the rights of someone to espouse their ideas? Of course I do. But do I condemn those that use this freedom to demonize others for their own cause? Of course. I’ve seen some kneejerk reactions that want to label everyone from Libya as a terrorist or “sub-human”. It’s ridiculous.  I’ve actually heard people defend racial profiling of Muslims in airports because it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Well, as someone of Irish descent I’m just glad no one is concerned about the IRA currently or I’d be in the same boat.

The fact that the loudest and the most vocally vitriolic towards Islam are those who have their own religious ideology is what throws me off the most.. How angry did the religious right in this country get at Sinead O’Conner for ripping up a picture of the pope. Sure, she was free to do that here, and people had to deal with it. But it stung. It hit right at home, where it hurt, for a lot of people who truly believe in Catholocism. Yet, some man who calls himself a Christian, will release a film that fundamentally attacks the humanity of Islam. And what? People are supposed to just respect that we’re America and our Free Speech is of global priority?

Accountability. This is what matters. People need to be accountable for the things that they say. If you truly are only as good as your weakest members then we’re all the KKK or terrorists. Where have our manners gone? Where is good sense, respect, logic and kindness? What can we do to show the world that we’re better than this. That our parents raised us not to be cruel bullies who tout our freedoms over the world, but instead that we are respectful and greatful for our neighbors who share this planet with us.

Will anyone stop and say “We’re sorry”? I sure am.

Welcome to the United States of Religion


gov•ern – verb 

transitive verb

  1. a: to exercise continuous sovereign (possessing supreme or ultimate power) authority over;  especially : to control and direct the making and administration of policy in
    b: to rule without sovereign power and usually without having the authority to determine basic policy.
  2. a: to control, direct, or strongly influence the actions and conduct of
    b: to exert a determining or guiding influence in or over <income must govern expenditure>
    c: to hold in check : restrain
  3. to serve as a precedent or deciding principle for <customs that govern human decisions>

intransitive verb

  1. to prevail or have decisive influence: control
  2. to exercise authority

– definition of the word govern, pertinent items from the dictionary

I’ve never really looked up the word govern before.  It’s pretty vague, actually.  I suppose I knew it was vague because that’s why it’s so polarizing and changes with the wind.  In America, government is really just the embodiment of the will of the people.  Right and wrong is nothing more than what society is willing, or not yet ready to, accept.  It’s perhaps the single most subjective thing that could possibly exist.  Where does this morality really come from?  Without direction, people were lost.

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Old Survey…

So I found one of those old surveys that we all used to do in the AOL days.  I thought it was interesting.  Edith, really?  I hope that was a joke.  And Applebee’s doesn’t have Gyro’s anymore 🙁 🙁 🙁  Hey at least I was spot on with where I will be in 10 years and what I want to be when I grow up. Also, the fact that I would move to Vegas was pretty insightful into my own future as well, haha.

I did not make this survey up, i merely retyped it to make it look prettier.

Name: Jackee D
Age: 17, gonna be 18 soon
Hometown: Middletown, NJ
School:  SJV
School mascot:  Lancer or something.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: bah, let’s just forget about that.
Where do you live now:  Same as my hometown
Top 5 foods:  Burger King fries, whopper, shake, uhh anything from burger king (the anti-vegan industry)
Top 5 bands/singers:  Negative Approach, sick of it all, 311, warzone, condemned 84. wait, i have to add Public Enemy.
Fave colors: green and black
Qualities you look for in the opposite sex:  good sense of humor, appreciation for my odd qualities, and they can be a good friend first before anything.  *gee, ive missed out on some of the “good ones” *
What’s more important… looks or personality?  Well looks are what start everything out, but they *lasting factor* depends on personality.
What’s your favorite James Bond movie?  no i have not seen any james bond movies, but i do like the scene in Trainspotting where Sick boy and Renton are acting it out and shooting caps in to the dog.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  on a much faster computer
What’s your biggest fear? being buried alived
Do you believe in love at first sight?  no, love based on beauty is false
Have you ever met anyone from AOL?  Ahh this is where the dork in me comes out
Do you believe in God?  define God
Do you go to church?  yes
Have you ever been in love?  now if that was “Have you ever thought you were in love” i would answer yes, but no.
What kinda grades do you get in school?  oh you want me to reveal im a nerd too?
Favorite football team:  NY Giants, only cause it’s a bonding experience with my father.
If you could change one thing about you what would it be?  My nose would not protrude so far from my face.
If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?  I would give that power to someone wiser than i
Do you do drugs/drink?  I experiment.  I am not a junkie nor a fiend.
Where do you shop?  Well, like suz I don’t shop much.  When i do shop i like to go to Hot Topic *shaking head* it’s all the monmouth mall experience thing. I like to go to Bradlees too *sarcasm*.  OH SHOPPING SUCKS.
Boxers or Briefs?  or
If you were to be stuck on an island…..what 3 things would you bring?  can i be cheap and say a helicopter?.. actually i would bring a notebook with a pen (1), my teddy bear (2) and a friend of the opposite gender (3).
Fave radio station?  89.5 WSOU
Who is the scariest looking person you know? i don’t think anyone is really *scary* looking, we each have something that redeems us.
Motto in life:  Deal with it.
What words/phrases do you over use?  like, wooha, er whatnot (old school, it’s been retired)
do you speak any other languages?  ig-pay atin-lay
Do you want to get married?  depends, who’s asking
Do you want kids?  someday
Fave cartoon charachter?  Panthro from the Thundercats
Fave person on Saved By The Bell?  Screech
Do you like to dance?  like … urban dancing? nah
Do you have a tatoo?  no.. Do i want one? yes
Do you have anything pierced?  not anymore.  no not even my ears.
What CD is in your CD player now?  Condemned 84 ~ The Boots Go Marchin in.
Dream Car?  Volkswagon Beetle painted Checkerboard.
Describe your dream guy/girl?  Well, i don’t think they exist, so i’m not gonna go on that hopeful roller coaster ride anymore.
If you could change your name.. what would it be?  Edith.
Favorite restaurant?  Applebee’s… mmmMmMmM Gyros
If you had a time machine…where would you go?  i would go to May 11, 1981, and i would say .. “MOM DAD ,, DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Late night with .. Leno/Letterman or O’Brian?  First Letterman, Then O’Brian, if i can stay awake that long.
What do you wanna be when you grow up?  financially independant.
Are you afraid of dying?  Not afraid of dying, more afraid of HOW i die.
Rather be tall or short?  Well, I dunno how it feels to be short, so i can’t decide.
How many people are on your buddy list?  75
What’s the best “yo momma” joke you know?  You’re momma’s so easy, she’s like a railroad track, laid across the united states.
Would you suck my toe for 50 dollars?  whoa, suck my toe, use to be my phrase
Have you ever been on TV?  Do you remember that show, in the late 80’s with that cute little … no
Fave Fruit? I danno
Fave candybar?  Right now im partial to reeses sticks.
Ethnic background?  irish.. ehh and like… 1% french and british
Hanson or Catch-22?  I’ll have to go with Hanson on this one.
Did you eat paste in kindegarten?  shutup, it’s a painful paste…err past
Who’d win in a fight.. Adam Sandler or Yoda?  Yoda
Favorite Movie?  Trainspotting
Fave oldies song?  I don’t know how old the song *perfect day by Lou Reed* is.. but it sounds old, so that one.
Do you like the Beastie Boys?  Very much so.
How much time have you spent online today?  58 minutes, most of which was spent on this survey.
Is this survey homosexual?  i dunno, does it date other sureys?
Do you like boys or girls?  child molestation is not hip.
Can you read?  no but fortunatly my 8 year old nephew can, so thank god i got him before i got AOL.
have you ever cheated on a boy/girlfriend?  yes, but it was within that … you know time period at the end of the relationship when you knew it was going to come to an end anyway.
Do you have a pager?  no
What is the sweetest thing someone has done for you?  yet to happen.
Do you like McDonald’s or Burger King’s food?  Burger king is my joint of choice.
Do you think long distance relationships work?  No i do not, from experience.
What is your favorite quote?  It’s better to be dead than red *combat84* ~~ “and knowing is half the battle” ~G.I.Joe
Did you eat crayons in preschool?  no, i did not go to pre-school
What is the most messed up thing anyone has done to you?  Tried to change me.
Barbie or G.I Joe?   When i was younger i was such a tomboy that i would play with G.I. Joe’s and make them kidnap, decappitate, kill, torture, and messup up barbie’s makeup.
cotton candy or fried dough?  do you mean funnel cake!??!?! oh i love that stuff.
can you do a split?  almost, im working on it.
Winnie the pooh or tigger?  I’m gonna have to go with piglet on this one.
Winnie the pooh, tigger, or eeyore?  once again.. piglet
Seventeen or teen?  i prefer adolescent myself.
blow-dry or air-dry… hair.. girls?  depends on how lazy i am
Blow-joy or hand job .. guys?  well i guess this can go for girls too, but im still not gonna answer.
Have you ever streaked?  no
most embarrassing moment?  new year’s eve.
fave show?  i hardly ever watch tv anymore
5 hottest actors?  matthew broderick, ethan embry, kevin spacey, that guy that was in the faculty and halloween h2o, and young jack nicholson.
celebrity you want to bang?  ethan embry
Favorite actor of your same sex:  Katie Holmes, and Drew Barrymore.
Thunderstorms.. scary or sexy?  interesting.
The Bulls or the jazz?  i miss the lockout
Do you take bubble baths?  not lately.
who would you like to take one with?  no one ewwww.
do you sing in the shower?  if you want to call *that* singing.
Who’s the loudest person you know?  My brother-in-law john.. at work people usually go “hey john where you been, i haven’t heard you around today”
Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore?  I never got through either of them.
What’s your “happy place”?  I think it’s in front of the computer.
(girls) u like clean cut guys or long hair?  clean cut’s the way to go
Summer or winter? winter
Bath or shower?  shower
Sandals or shoes?sneakers
(girls) hair up or down? up
Does your butt get numb after an hour on AOL?   no ive built up a tolerance.
Do your eyes hurt after being on AOL all night? uh huh
what’s your Fave thing to do when you’re not on line?  wait to go online
is this survey a pain in the ass?   oh definatly that’s why i like it.
Who do you love?  myself
Are you sure?   as in .. the deoderant?
What do you like better, BET or MTV?  I think or wins.
Where do you chill? at myhouse, pool halls, shows, christy’s, maggie’s.  i dunno
What is your b/f, g/f, or crush doing tonight? i gave up on crushes
What color is your bathing suit? i have a lot, be more specific
Do you smoke? not anymore -=)
Do you drink? alchohol?  new years? what?
Have you ever gotten pooped on by a bird before? yah i had my jacket over my head at disney once, to protect me from the sudden rain, and this bird, just pooped ALL OVER MY JACKET, but just think, if it wasn’t my jacket it would have most likely been my hair.
Have you been to the beach this year? good question einstein (it’s feb. 99 when i took this)
Do you have a fan in your room?a ceiling one none the less
Who sent this to you?  suz
What’s your favorite flower? flowers are for suckers
Do you like OH?  is this some haXor thing?
 If you could move, where would you go? Las Vegas.
Do you have a TV in your room?  a cheap excuse for one.
What color is your hair? blonde
Are you a male or female? im a girl
Is your room a mess right now??  of course, it’s a reflection of my personality
Biggie or TuPac? yah they’re both dead
Tea or coffee? neither
Are you a virgin? are you nosy?
How much money do you have in your room?  *counting pennies*.. this could take awhile
What are you wearing right now?  my maroon adidas pants and my sick of it all *built to last shirt*.. it hink underwear goes understood, and im wearing vans.
Who is home at your house? “do you like movies sidney”
Fruity or Cocoa pebbles? never had any
What’s your favorite color of skittles? do they have grape ? cause if they do, im all on that
Do you like to eat skittles? no
What time is it? 4:50
What have you eaten all day?  gum
Who’s your favorite Sesame Street character? grover
What time did you go to bed last night? after the second episode of NewsRadio.
Why are you doing this profile thing? boredom
Do you have any siblings?2 sisters and 1 brother
Do you like the new Volkswagen Beetle?  no, i think it’s a cheap attempt at a beetle
Would you like it if your b/f, g/f, crush surprised you with roses or a love poem tomorrow? i would like it if i had a boyfriend
What’s your favorite stuffed animal? fuzzy, my teddy bear, not the freshman kid in my school
Do you have nailpolish on your toenails?  i never got te point of that
What color? not applicable
Are you hungry? yah im gonna have tuna fish sandwiches on toast when im done here.
For the girls: either pear or raspberry:  rasberry
Do you love your parents? yes i do
What’s your favortie Song(s)? Right now.. *Here we go* by Shelter is my anthem, i dunno about Favorite though.
Coke or Sprite: sprite
What do you think of the person who sent this?  Suz is a really cool girl, we should hang out more often.


Weird is a cute word now, I think.  I see a lot of people post those pictures on Facebook / Google + talking about how they are weird.  It’s often a celebration of their quirkiness and how the more you get to know them the weirder they are, but that’s ok because “LOL”.  Right?  *sigh*

A part of me, unfairly, gets upset by this.  I guess it’s because for most of my life I’ve been “weird”.  Not in a cutesy way where everyone gets together and laughs about it either.  Weird in a everyone-is-making-fun-of-me-and-I-don’t-know-why sort of way.  I believe that my natural and inherent state is one of confidence and wanting to do whatever the heck I please.  As a child I had a blast I guess because I didn’t know any better to care about what was going on around me.  As I grew up, however, it became clear that I was an outcast.

I didn’t do anything, that I know of.  Nothing that was actually bad anyway.  My mom wouldn’t let me hem my skirt up to my butt, which was a good thing.  However, I got made fun of by my peers for that.  I couldn’t shave my legs right away either, again probably a good call for someone sub-13 to not have a razor.  I got made fun of for that.  I got made fun of for big colorful glasses frames I had.  I got made fun of for making stupid jokes.  For the dumb stories and lies I told to get attention that back fired and made everyone just kind of think I was a weird lying jerk kid.  It all went on through high school.  I never formed any major bonds with anyone really.

I grew up for the first 18 years of my life with only one good friend.  It was Carolyn!  We met in Florida on family vacation.  Oh, man that was the best time of year.  All the bullshit at school was behind me.  I would hang out with kids that thought I was smart… or funny!! It was awesome.  I met Carolyn when I was 7 and every summer our families went to Florida together.  She was my first and closest friend.  We’re still friends today, I am so happy about that.  But that was 1/12 of the year.  The rest of the time I had to go back…

Sometime around college I met an awesome group of people who have since become an amazing core group of friends who I love dearly.  I grew up into my own person.  I’m not exactly the person I started out as, the confidence was shattered greatly.  I’m riddled with anxiety, panic attacks and depression a lot of the time.  I’m not sure if that was always meant to happen, or if it was the result of an unhappy and empty childhood.

But here I am.  I tried the whole “ownership” of the word weird for awhile.  But, it doesn’t even mean what it should to people.  Weird is now just another word for quirky.  But that’s not what I mean.  When I try to tell someone I am weird, I actually mean it.  My brain works differently than yours.   If someone makes a joke at my expense, I kind of want to cry.  I want to cry a lot actually.  So I don’t know, I guess my point is that you should stop calling yourself weird just because you think cats are funny.

Besides… weird is apparently supposed to be referring to supernatural or uncanny.  So I guess I’m not weird either.  I never actually knew that until just now when I started to write this.


Adventures at the mall.

I don’t really go out of the house very much.  I’ve always admonished myself for that because I would have so much more to write about if I actually did leave the house once in a while.  We went to have awesome lunch with awesome friends and then to go shopping.  Gaz and I both needed some new converse, so we headed over to the mall to get some from Journeys.

New Kicks

So, the most important thing is that we definitely achieved our goal of awesome kicks. I’m trying to go with the lo-top rather than the high-tops this time.  So far, so good.  I also got some rad converse boots.  But this is all besides the point.  While we were in Journey there was a very helpful manager named Jacob there.  He was very nice, friendly, and assisted us with our requests.  So while we were cashing out our orders, a strange thing happened.

Jacob started dancing.

Yep!  The kind of dancing I imagine is in “You got Served” although I have never seen such a movie.  He was just kinda bopping around and doing what looked like it might be related to break dancing, but different.  And then, as if by the magic of the very fates themselves and young boy challenged him!  That’s right.  After Jacob decided to dance, there was a 13 year old boy in the store at the very same time who had the same interests.  So this kid comes up, starts doing full on flips in the store while his friends cheer him on and I stare in wonder.  Then it continued with a few back and forth bouts between the two.

WHAT?!?!?  I know, right?  And as if things couldn’t get any weirder… There was a kid in the store with a python on his arm.  Nope, not a tattoo.  A real life actual baby Python.  To which the store’s staff responded appropriately by saying “Oh neat, a snake, let me see that!”

I couldn’t even process what was going on around me.  I just witnessed a dance battle, and now I’m touching a snake.  It was a pretty amazingly random Sunday.

I definitely need to make myself leave the house more.

We’ll get there…

Feminism has always been a tricky thing for me.  I believe that all people regardless of race, creed, sexual preference, or gender should be respected equally in society.  The laws and principles that govern one group of people should apply to all Americans with equality and justice.  So I choose not to call myself a “Feminist” as it’s really only a small piece of a much larger and broader problem.  That being said, regardless of my identity I like to think that my ideas, actions and thoughts line up with those who are feminists.  In the last few months women’s issues have been moving to the forefront of the media as well as social consciousness.  If you’ve been missing all the fun here’s a summer reading list:

No Girls Allowed! — Shaming Wands!! — Government Subsidized Sluttery!Rape Ads?

In response to this I’ve been observing a few things.  Women are mobilizing together and speaking out about these issues.  Women are getting outraged and they want to do something about it.  For the most part the intentions are pure, and come from a good place.  But other times it’s just women saying, “Fuck Men!!!!”  That’s a problem.  This causes men to take a defensive position immediately in response to reverse sexism and start to take pot shots at feminism, women, etc.  As we know, two wrongs do not make a right.

So, I would hope that women include and embrace any male, neuter, or otherwise non-female person who rallies to women’s rights.

“I call myself a feminist. Isn’t that what you call someone who fights for women’s rights?” – Dalai Lama XIV

Truer words have never been spoken.  Men are not by their very existence the problem.  Plenty of men, through history, have fought for the rights of women.  Without the assistance of our fellow man, history might have been very different for us, the female gender.  Yashar Ali, for example, is a feminist.

That being said, there is no excuse for a man to try to make a woman feel invalidated because she is passionate about a cause.  Saying to a woman “Calm down”, “Breathe”, “Is it that time of the month?”, etc. is not funny, cute or helpful.  In fact, it’s patronizing, demeaning, and immature.  Not everyone is passionate, and not everyone has something to be passionate about.  But when people are, you need to respect that passion and drive for change, so long as it’s coming from the right place.  When someone is worked up or excited about a certain issue, please do not automatically assume this is irrationality, because it is not.  Our world, and change, is built on people who are very passionate about their causes.  You have to be willing to be loud, proud and go to extremes.  Since when did this overall idea of “just calm down” start to take over.  How does anyone view that as productive?  Are we afraid, as a society, to stand up?  I don’t know what it is, but that attitude is poison to any cause and it needs to stop.

There is so much more work to be done for equality in this world.  I’m always fearful that we’ll move towards a more homogenized genetically engineered worked, like in Gattaca.  But I hope that I am off the mark.  I hope that our future will be a world that celebrates unique qualities and the things that make us different.  That no two people will ever look or be the same. That people can celebrate life and love however they see fit (between consenting adults of course).  A world where no one will have to talk about religion or quarrels.  It will never happen, I know, but we’re making progress and strides and all we can do is continue this each day.

Right now everyone has the unique opportunity to re-shape the world view on women, minorities, GLBT and all other communities that are moving toward equality.  Hopefully we can all do our part to remember that we’re all just skin and bones and there’s no reason to believe anyone is inherently better than others.  It all seems like such common sense, things that don’t even need to be said.  But then I read the news and I remember that people just aren’t getting it, still.

P.S. Just as a side note I want to really give props to Tawakel Karman, one of the most amazing women of our time!

The Bitch is Back..

I can't stay brown for long

So in November I dyed my hair black.  It was fun at first, I really liked it and someone told me I had a “Zooey Deschanel thing going”.  Which was amazing because I kind of love Zooey Deschanel.  I don’t think I look like her at all, don’t get me wrong.  But black hair and bangs is kind of a “Zooey” thing now I suppose.  But, it’s never long before I get the itch to go back.  So I impulsively bought some bleach and lightened my hair to do some pink.  I fried the ever living crap out of it, but, eh, it’s just hair!!

So, yay, pink!

Teaching someone a lesson…

So I was playing League of Legends and I picked Warwick with smite.  The pug on our team instalocked Nocturne with smite for jungle.  So the 4 of us decided we’d teach this instalocker a lesson.  So we all went jungle.  Everything went better than expected….


Dear Michael Bay

Dear Michael Bay,

So I hear that you are making the new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie.  It appears you are getting involved in multiple franchises that we hold dear from our youth.  I’m not sure, however, that we share the same sentimentality for such things.  Fans were not happy to hear about your plans of making the MUTANT turtles alien.  To which you responded on your forums like so:

Fans need to take a breath, and chill. They have not read the script. Our team is working closely with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles to help expand and give a more complex back story. Relax, we are including everything that made you become fans in the first place. We are just building a richer world.” [Source]

Well, you need to take a step back and realize why some of us are skeptical.  When you decided to make the Transformers movie about humans and put the Autobots/Decepticons as a back story you really hurt your credibility.  How can we believe that you will treat yet another revered franchise with the respect it deserves?

Also, I’m not sure how taking a breath and “chilling” changes the fact that you’re trying too hard here.  We don’t want a richer world.  No one cares about a richer world.  What we do care about are Donatello, Michelangelo,  Leonardo, Raphael, Splinter, April O’Neil & Casey Jones.  What we want to see are new and exciting stories about their adventures and interactions with Splinter & the Foot soldiers.

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever read the comics, but that world was rich enough.  If you want to make the film more accessible to adults as well as kids, just pull from what Kevin Eastman has already laid out for you.

And for the love of cheese, please stop trying to tell origin stories.  This one doesn’t just go out to you, but to all film makers who are touching VERY WELL KNOWN FRANCHISES.  The important thing is not how they BECOME the turtles, but instead what happens next. If i have to watch Peter Parker get bitten by a spider one more time, I am going to stop going to the movies.

You’re a successful director and producer, you have tons of cash and a career that just keeps going despite any criticism.  On original concept movies like “The Island” please proceed with the Michael Bay show.  But when you are the lucky director who gets to work on something like “Transformers” or “Turtles” please treat it, and the fans, with the respect it deserves.  Dismissing fan outrage, input, etc by telling them to chill is really pretentious.  These fans are the ones who are paying your bills, and who keep your career alive.  So please, breathe and learn how to process criticism and input from the fans you are pandering to.  It might do a world of good.

Thank you,


P.S.  I don’t know how you got away with the injustice you did to Jazz, but if you try that nonsense on anyone in The Turtles we will find you.

So Michael Bay is even worse than I originally thought.  Apparently “The Island” was part of a suit where he was accused of stealing from the movie “The Clonus Horror”.  I should have used “Bad Boys” as my example here .