Vacation Adventures

    So I have been back from the cruise for a little while now!  It was a really great Vacation & much needed.  The thing I like the most about it is that you don’t really have to plan anything.  You go on this ship & you get a schedule & hey.. That’s what you’re doing!  It’s very good for lazy people.  The cruise was on Celebrity lines and on the ship Zenith.  There was a lot of on board entertainment that was tons of fun.  There were singer/dancers that did 3 nights and they were very talented.  There was also an illusionist and a comedian.  The Illusionist was AWESOME! HIs name was Jamie Allen & he was a very good showman.  The comedian was ok, but very standard issue.

And now I will write a breakdown day by day rundown so that whenever someone says to me “HOW WAS DA CRUISE!!!!!!” I can link them here 😀

Saturday, Day 1: The Arrival

Our flight was at like… 8 in the morning.  This meant that we had to be at the airport by 7.  Lucky for us
Kevyn is apparently a Vampire and does not slumber during the hours of mere mortals.  Meaning, he was awesome & drove us there *high five*.  So we get on the plane, blah blah, boring stuff, and OMG MIAMI!  It was warm outside… and.. nice!  I didn’t have to wear a jacket!  Oh how sweet it is.

So we get to the port after the cab driver is a little confused that the Zenith is apparently docked in it’s own little location far away from where one would expect ships to be.  We get to the dock & the porter starts taking our luggage.
“So you guys newlyweds?” he asks.  To this question many awkward glances and “Oh no no, no not us no no hehehehe” are exchanged.  This question became a theme of the weekend.  Either.. “Are you getting married?” “Are you just married?” “Will you marry him ever”.  At least 3 different people asked me this.  SO guys, be careful apparently “cruise” is code for “marriage”.

So then we get inside & there is some confusion as to who we are & where we’re going.  We didn’t have “tickets” because of the fact that we were going on the cruise so Gaz could work the cruise (caricatures).  So the security lady has us wait by her desk.  When I wait by desks I stand with bad posture, this is how it goes.  This posture involves my stomach curving outward & my hand on top of it.
“So when are you expecting?” The security lady asks.
“Wh-who-wher-what?” I stammer obviously red in the face.
“Oh my gosh, I didn’t…” she realizes her folly.

I tell her that it’s ok because I have done this to other people MILLIONS of times & this is Karma and I am ok with that.  She continues to awkwardly tell me how I’m not fat and she was just seeing things and blah blah blah.  So now I’m married & pregnant.

The first day was pretty much that kind of stuff.  Then there was a lot of lounging around, being confused, and eating.  They had a “HELLOOOOO everyone” party up on the deck where the party band Changez played reggae sounding party tunes & people in swimsuits danced.  I will tell you now, this isn’t as pretty as you might think. 

Sunday, Day 2 – At Sea!

So this was the first day of the actual ‘cruisin’.  It was pretty neat.
While Gaz did the work thing I went to an Art Auction on the boat.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been to an auction & I am kind of kicking myself for not buying a Thomas Kinkade that was on sale, it was gorgeous & only like 200 dollars.  I’m stupid!

It was also Formal Night on the boat.  This meant that people were wearing like Evening Gowns & Prom Dresses.  Weiiiiird.  So Gaz & I put on our best (casually dressy at best) and ventured on down to the crazy formal Dining room.  Apparently you have assigned seating in a place like this!  We never got the newsletter for that one.  So we go & sit down, the maitre’d is like “Did you change seats”… D’oh.  So we had to go get our actual seats & sit at this table with 2 older couples.  They were very nice, but you know… not our scene.  This was the worst part of the cruise, the dressy up part.

But later that night Karaoke happened.  It started off with some people who were still in their dressed up attire doing crooner songs like Frankie & such.  These guys were all fantastic… but this is NOT what Karaoke is supposed to be!  It needs to be more fun! So I wanted Gaz to sing because he’s a good singer & it’s lots of fun to watch him do his thing, but he wasn’t feelin’ it.  So I was like… “Ok if I sing will you sing?”  Of course this worked.  But damnit, now I had to sing.  I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.  I go to Karaoke & I sing fairly often, but by god, I’m AWFUL.  Seriously, I know I am.  But I don’t understand, I sound so good in the car! 🙁   So after I am done killing These Boots are Made for Walkin’ the MC Michael tells me I need a free shot!  (He recognized me as “The girl who’s with the guy that draws the Caricatures”)  I was like, “ok, fantastic”.  I go up to take the shot but I was shaking so horribly I could hardly hold it.  Instead of realizing I’m a nervous wreck & ignoring it, he kept pointing it out!  “She can’t even hold the shot glass folks *laughter*” he kept saying. Curse you Michael the activity guy, CURSE YOU!!!

So fine, I’m done, THANK GOD.  People sitting near me gave me very weak praise to make me feel better.  Stuff like “Very good song choice”.  Safe. safe.  So Gaz went up & sang Rock this Town by the Stray Cats.  He was awesome, as usual, and garnered himself a small fan club.  We met this couple Frank & Jeff & their friend Julie that night, they were tons of fun.  But that was Sea Day.  Hangin’ out, being embarrassed, and singing!

Monday, Day 3 – Cayman Islands

Hooray!  The first Shore Excursion day!  We step off the boat & the sign reads “Please be back at 2:45 to catch the last tender to the boat”.  This is terrible news.  We were supposed to have until 5PM, but because of “bad weather” (the likes of which I could not see) we had to cut the day in half!  But alas, life goes on.  We get our picture taken with some Pirates and head to our first activity, Sea Trek.

We were the only people who were on the tour for this activity, so we had 6 crew members all attending to just the two of us.  What happens in this experience is that you have a weighted helmet that has an air tube pumped to it put over your head & you descend to the bottom of the ocean.  It works on the principle like a cup going underwater upside down will not fill up with water.  The neat part about this is that you kind of feel like you’re walking on the moon (not that I’ve ever done that, but it’s what they tell me).  We got to like feed the fish underwater which was really awesome because all these cool tropical fish swarmed right in front of you.  At the end of the walk we threw around this underwater frisbee & it was like playing in the Matrix.  Gaz would throw it up kind of high & I would have to slow motion jump up to it.  The thing is I kept making those “Ohhh I’m faking slow motion what NOW” faces.  But like, I wasn’t faking slow motion… (Ok that makes no sense).  It was a lot of fun, Sea Trek, but mostly a novelty type thing.  It was short & you didn’t get to see an AWFUL amount, but like i said, Fun.

The guy that took us down there was from Canada & moved down to the Cayman Islands after school to just kind of work on the beach.  That’s such a good idea, I don’t know why I never thought of such a thing.  A lot of these people work / live down there & have travelled to all sorts of places.  What an awesome decision.  That’s totally my backup plan if the job I have now fails.

Tuesday, Day 4 – At Sea

This is the day that I was Gaz’ work time assistant.  He was working for 2 hours on the At Sea days drawing caricatures, but people keep getting in line.  So I had to start telling some people that he wouldn’t have time to draw them.  I was met with mostly reactions of “And who are you!!!?”  People are very sad when they are not getting big heads 🙁  So after that there was more hanging out & doing fun stuff.

Wednesday, Day 5 – Key West

Ah!  The day!  The most awesome day!  The day of the Snuba!  Lucky for us today was nice weatherwise so we had until 5PM to get back onto the boat & we had a full day ahead of us.  So we made our way to the place where we were going to Snuba Dive.

Snuba:Snuba is a portmanteau of snorkeling and scuba diving where the swimmer uses the fins, mask, and breathing apparatus commonly used in scuba diving, but the air tanks usually strapped to the back are instead attached to floating rafts that remain on the water’s surface. Snuba diving is a popular activity in tropical tourist locations such as Hawaii because of its relative ease and the fact that one need not be certified to participate.

    So basically we got to dive down 20 feet and sort of feel like we were Scuba diving, but not really.  As we were preparing for the dive they asked who wanted a Wetsuit.  I was hesitant at first (as were all the manly men) but I was like “Sure give me one!”.  As soon as I put it on Gaz was like “Hey wait that looks pretty awesome” and him & the rest of the naysayers suited up!  Wetsuits are pretty awesome.  As we were sitting on the platform waiting to dive into the water we saw this plastic looking fin thing though.


    I mean that looks like it might be a plastic bag, or garbage or something. But we realized we’re not in New Jersey, it’s probably some sort of lifeform.  So we ask & it’s a MAN-OF-WAR!

Man-of-war: Tentacles of the dactylozooids bear stinging nematocystic (coiled thread-like) structures that paralyze small fish and other prey. The gastrozooids then attach to the immobilized victim, spread over it, digesting it.

Fantastic! “Don’t worry!” they say, “It’s swimming the other direction!”  Still!  Eep!

But we survived the Man-of-War & saw some pret-ty awesome things down there.  There were some crabs & other neat tropical fish, it was really awesome.  I felt like I was able to explore & see more things than on the Sea Trek Experience. I definitely want to get Certified for SCUBA diving now & perhaps use the rest of my vacation to go down to Key West or something & do some Scuba.  That would be ideal!

When we were done with the Snuba we were waiting for our cab, it never came.  So the Captain of the ship offered to drive us into town since he had to go to the post office anyway.  Eh, he looked like Gaz’ dad, we can trust him.. right?  So we went & that was neat because he showed us some of the good local places to eat & all of that. So we ate at this one place called “Scooner’s” I think, the food there was pretty delish.  Then we started to venture around Key West to look for this place that made pretty jewelry to get some for our family.  But instead we found…


The Pirate Museum!!


This was awesome!  So of course we went inside!  I now have a new favorite hero.

Black Caeser: Black Caesar was an African chief known for his strength and intelligence. After being tricked aboard a slave ship in Africa, he escaped during a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. In just a longboat, he and a friend stole supplies and treasures from passing ships and hoarded the loot on Florida’s Elliot Key. After killing his friend in a duel over a woman, Black Caesar continued pirating on his own. He captured larger boats, which he hid by tying them up to Caesars Rock and sinking them. He was sad to have a harem of over 100 women and a prison camp on Elliot Key.

Eventually, Black Caesar joined forces with the notorious Blackbeard. They were together in 1718 when Blackbeard’s ship was attacked. To avoid capture, Black Caesar lay down a trail of gunpowder leading to the explosives. He was caught just before igniting the gunpowder and hanged in Williamsburg, Virginia.

I got a really awesome poster on my way out of the museum.

It’s a painting by Pyle of a marooned Pirate!

Thursday, Day 6 – Boo, New Jersey!

So finally, vacation time is over.  We head home & on the plane ride home we have a CRIMINAL being transported.  He was totally wearing cuffs & he had the one big bucking tough guy cop & the older more streetwise guy on either side of him.  I was on a plane with a criminal!  Score!  Because we were delayed in take off they decided to show us a movie, so we saw Walk the Line.  I cried at the end, I never knew that story, it was a really nice story though.  And, thanks to another awesome friend, Rob we got a ride home!

So yeah, that was pretty much it.  I’m not sure if I forgot anything, I might have!  The main pictures are up on myspace, I have a few others but they’re mostly us goofin’ around.  I would definitely recommend a cruise to anyone else that’s looking for a vacation that does not require much planning.  Celebrity was awesome, but I’ve never been on a different cruise line.

Well there you have it everyone.  The longest Blog ever written by me!

About Jesus?!

So today is my first day off for vacation.  I woke up early because I want to go over to the DMV & get a new license done today while I have some time.  So I was in my room trying on some clothes to make sure they fit before the cruise. 

The doorbell rings.

It’s 10AM, holy shit, who is ringing my bell.  So I am rushing to put clothes on, I fell over twice in the process, and I finally do but I decide to just look out the Window.  I see two women and I’m like “Are you ringing for upstairs?”  I thought that perhaps they were ringing the wrong bell because that happens often times with my neighbors.  So she goes “No we just want to talk to you…”

I look at her companion & I see the book.

“Oh, about Jesus?” I say.  Her companion laughed (that almost made me want to let them in).
“Well, uhm, Yes” she stammered, I obviously caught her off guard.
“I know about Jesus!”
“Well many people don’t…”
“I am packing for an 8AM Flight tomorrow I do not have time, I am sorry”
“Well I am sorry for you!”

My first Jehova’s Witnesses!  Well the first ones to this apartment anyway.  When I was still at my parents house & I was house sitting another couple of witnesses came.  But it was a guy & a VERY CUTE little kid.  Oh that was a dirty trick.  If you send a cute little kid to the door who wants to tell me about Jesus I am totally going to fall for it.  Luckily I did not, but still.  Dirty tricks!!

I wonder if these people have a quota?  Do they not leave your house until you convert?  Have any of you let them in?  What happens then?